Im an Artist Painter from Italy. Shipping worldwide.


Portrait - SOLD
Arrived this morning and already hung. Very nice, as always of people you seize the soul.
Sold - Sovereign Lion 80x100cm
Since I put it on the wall every time I look at it it gives me great strength.
Star wars 20x20cm - Sold

When I saw the image of this work by Ilaria Berenice for the first time, it was like looking at myself in a mirror that reflected the chaos I carried inside for a lifetime.

Inside I saw Francis Bacon, I saw Giger, a darker Alex Gray, I felt Tool and even a little bit of Borges' minotaur.

I waited months before being able to pick it up and discover that, in addition to this and another wonderful work by her partner Paolo Amoretti, two pencil portraits of William Burroughs that she had drawn in unsuspecting times, would return home with me.

Needless to say here, but I will say it anyway, that besides the works I finally had the opportunity to have a chat again, of those capable of teaching you something new.  Perhaps the power of art lies precisely in this.

Red Lion -Sold
Ilaria is a truly good artist, which is hard to find in today's art market. I bought two paintings which are beautiful and alive. I highly recommend!
Martin,UK - not available
You bring me to life (not in a Frankenstein kind of way) the BEST way!  
Sold - mixed media drawing portrait
It's him!    

I happened to be at home on Friday when your package arrived, I ripped it open, impatient to find my treasure. Thank you. What an artist you are!! With just a few brush strokes you capture the main features of a face. The more I look at it, the more there seems to be a glow emanating from it - I guess that's the master in me you see. And the picture ready to be hung on the wall!! I found the perfect place for it right away. It is in my office, by my computer. So I see it every day, I look at it to dive into the depths of my mastery and even when absentmindedly noticing, it is present all the time.

Sold - acrylic painting
Really beautiful, I'm very happy and the more I look at it, the more I like it, very good, thank you.  
Sold - Butterfly wing

I put your painting above the sofa in the living room and looks great. It gives the viewer a cosmic sense, the viewer is shown in a spatial-temporal dimension that has a strong archetypal cosmogony call. You can release yourself from the symbol shown and transmute into abstraction that becomes an objective correlative of the deepest natural recall,  intimately recognizable by all. Some of your abstract works recall events of the super nove or similar, you can convey the feeling of this creative power, not communicating the materialistic descriptive scientific side, but you can grasp its essence, keeping intact the symbol, even if detached from symbolic representation, and taken in an exciting and emotional form.

Sold - mixed media drawing portrait
Great work of yours, I love it, Ilaria! thank you again.    
Sold - Abstract face

Your works are good for the soul! You can see people in the soul. Amid a sea of colored emotions I chose a painting, I took away with me what in that meeting was the perfect choice,  it is as to be close to that sweet mystery that you always puts in your works. Your works also convey a message of depth similar to the works of Modigliani. You're amazing! You are great and transmit energy.


Sold - Ink portrait
I continue to look at my portraits and every time I see them I like them more and more. Thank you    
Sold - mixed media portrait

My original portrait just arrived and it is SO amazing! I thought that the photo was incredible but the original is just magic.  Thank you so much!