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The confessional

    Why over the centuries people have felt the need to confess, out of guilt, the sense of having done something wrong. But who determines what is right is wrong which leads people to feel guilty, religion of course.

    There are so many factors here to consider, it’s that they are so deeply rooted in society and that’s why they are difficult to shake off, even on a subconscious level for those who do not consider themselves religious. First, the fact that religion has over the centuries led us to believe in an imaginary God who is the advocate of all that is. According to that, to get to God, it can be done through intermediaries called priests, who are men, as God obviously is.

    Then there is the fact that at the origin of the sense of guilt are the famous 10 commandments, and also the bible which is subject to as many interpretations as there are ramifications of the church, but which in any case is a book written by men, and by the same interpreted.

    So the 10 commandments will also be served when human beings didn’t have enough consciousness to feel what is right within themselves, now fortunately things are changing.

    The sense of guilt that leads people to confess cannot be solved with a few prayers and the absolution of a priest, because that is a mechanism that leads people to “sin” even more, thus entering a vicious circle of sin , guilt and absolution that goes on and on. If people discover that they are their own God, there is no need for any priest to act as an intermediary. Hell and heaven were created by religion. And so I took this photo, the confessional as a dark place, while the curtain is bright and open, it is the revealed truth, it is the light that dissolves the darkness of the sense of guilt.

    The Confessional

    This photo will be exhibited at Forte di Gavi, AL, together with other photos of my project “Details Revealed” in the months of May and June 2023, in the collective photographic exhibition “La Metafisica del Bianco e Nero” Inauguration 7 May 2023, from 2.30 pm.

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