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The expansion of the soul

This painting has a rose in the center, three-dimensional thanks to the petals I made with fabric that come out of the painting. The Rose is immersed in flows of energy that come from the sun and which in turn emanates towards the surrounding environment. The Rose in this painting is a symbol of life, vitality and beauty.

All this is reinforced by the bright and sunny colors of the painting, with the intense blue of the sky and the vivid green of the lawn, creating an atmosphere of serenity and harmony, in which the rose is the center of everything, radiating its energy even towards the viewer. The painting is a poetic representation of the vital energy that pervades the world.

I therefore combined the painting with this poem of mine which speaks of an inner energy that expands in the body, filling it with heat and light, and which makes the heart beat in unison with the joy of living every moment. The painting is part of the Collage and Painting series.

A warm energy centered in the heart expands,
 it rises to the arms and then to the throat,
And it grows like a shining sun,
Filling the whole body,
the mind is also filled with heat and light,
that is silent in the amazement of an instant.

Throat contracts with emotion,
and the brain settles into sensation,
that cancels thought and all reason,
just to let the feeling live.

The legs melt like snow in the sun,
and the whole body opens up to new sensations,
pleasant and endless like a love song,
that spreads in the air without limitation.

And so the heart beats in unison,
with the joy of living every moment,
and every breath becomes a gift,
of energy and life right now.
The expansion of the soul 34 x56cm

2 thoughts on “The expansion of the soul”

  1. The imagery and language used in this piece are truly beautiful and evoke a sense of warmth and expansiveness. Thank you for sharing this poetic expression of the joy and beauty of living fully in the present moment.

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