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The Genius of Art 

    In abstraction you never know how things come out, unless you want total control of them, it is a bit like looking at the clouds and watching the shapes. Painting is a means of bringing out those forms, and canvas, wood or any medium replaces the clouds.

    The forms that come out are like dreams which can manifest on various levels, from the mind, the unconscious, the conscious, inspiration, past lives, communication with one’s Self, etc. etc. It is only by accepting what comes out without judgment that art can be authentic. Judgment arises from the mind that analyzes, compares, reasons, etc. But the inspiration is beyond all that, in places that the mind can’t even comprehend, it has seen things that you humans…

    So the mind thinks it’s the intelligent part, it’s actually very limited. Even if in the end everything is connected, in fact there is a part of the mind that acts as a bridge between its more rational part and the intuition, which is more on the inspiration side. Inspiration is the genius, it is that which cannot be defined or controlled.

    If you go to see the geniuses of history they are like this, Einstein for example used to take naps in his armchair, starting with his breath, and came back with revolutionary and brilliant ideas, in fact his contemporaries considered him a madman, like Tesla. Everyone has their own completely personal modus operandi, it is only the mind with its reasoning that limits, with judgment and control.

    With this, one can think that I consider myself a genius, certainly not my most human and rational part. But I always find inspiration brilliant, even if it is inexplicable. In saying this, I feel like a mother for whom, whatever others say, her child is always the most beautiful child in the world. Not that other children have to disappear from the face of the earth, in fact children have to play together to grow up healthily. I think I’m getting lost, however it is understood, I think.

    This painting is a combination of organic shapes and bold lines. A dog emerges from the background, his figure outlined in a series of broken lines creating a vibrant effect. In the center of the canvas a face floats in the air, formed by shaded colours.

    Abstract dog 25x33cm

    The rest of the canvas is occupied by white and bright colours, which emerge from the background and create a layer upon layer effect. The technique for creating these shapes was to bring out the shapes on their own, without a precise design in mind, to then enhance them with decisive signs.

    It is available on Saatchi Art.

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