Creatività e tecnologia

The help of AI

Renewing my site has become a sort of tradition, a ritual that I repeat every few years, both for technical needs and to keep up with the incessant evolution of technology.

This time I was surprised by the fact that most web design plugins or software use artificial intelligence. It’s amazing how much simpler and more accessible everything has become. My openness to technological progress comes from the belief that simplifying human life is its ultimate purpose.

I remember the times when I used HTML, Flash and Photoshop. I particularly loved the latter because creating a website was like painting a picture, an experience imbued with creativity. However, creating a photo gallery with Flash plus manipulating the graphics in Photoshop and putting it all together with code took several weeks, if not an entire month. Today, however, the process is significantly shortened; creating a site takes a maximum of a week, depending on its complexity.

The boom in artificial intelligence this year has been astonishing, and while it may appear intimidating, it is actually a valuable ally. Everything becomes more fluid and simple, I don’t have to think about everything, every step I take is accompanied by constant help that guides me step by step. My role has become that of a director, orchestrating the overall picture with the peace of mind that AI guarantees me.

In practice I feel a bit like Maga Magò who orders the house to clean itself and voilà, that’s it. The important thing, ultimately, is to know what you want to achieve; everything else follows smoothly and naturally.

Observing the continuous frenetic evolution of AI, I expect to work with holograms in the next phase of renewal, perhaps without even using a computer, simply moving fingers in the air on ethereal screens, a bit like Minority Report, the first movie that anticipated these technologies in a visionary way. What was once science fiction is now a tangible reality, or at least very close to it.

Except for painting, where the technology is my hands, in this case I keep the AI busy with: “Hey Siri! Put on some music please”

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