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The Metaphysics of Black and White

The Arte and Cuisine aps association in collaboration with the Directorate of the Gavi Fort and the Piedmont Regional Museums Directorate and the Patronage of the Province of Alessandria, the Municipality of Gavi and the Municipality of Serravalle Scrivia, presents the photographic exhibition “The metaphysics of black and white”, which will take place at the Gavi Fort , AL, in May and June 2023 and which opens on May 7, 2023.

La Metafisica del Bianco e Nero
Patrocini e Sponsor

The exhibition is a collective of artists / photographers who each present a different project in their own style on black and white photography, brought together by an artistic research that goes beyond the subject or the situation portrayed, expressing an internalization that is reflected in the ‘exterior, then leading the viewer to internalize in a continuous, silent and circular communication between artist, photographer and viewer. Artists often express the “time” they live in and our recent time has coincided with a pandemic that has forced people to stay at home, metaphorically and literally. The condition of forced “isolation”, for some, has led to introspective moments, the reduced sociality has placed the “I”, not in front of the other, but in front of itself. In this way, the individual, and in this exhibition the artist, places himself at the center of the world and rediscovers himself and his interiority, an interiority that lies beyond the duality of beauty and ugliness, good and evil, of black and white.
Black and white represent opposites, metaphysics instead means beyond physics, a beyond in which the external world corresponds to the internal world and the individual is at the centre. The exhibition therefore aims to exhibit a research that goes beyond duality by giving an overview both in the single photo and in the collective of artists.
We are not all one but each one is one of his own world, the union of his infinite aspects, and in this exhibition the artist is not afraid to show it, without judgments and preconceptions, but in a completely authentic way, each in his style and in his way of expressing himself and his vision of the world around him.

The artists are (in alphabetical order): Alberto Pallavicini, Ilaria Berenice, Marco Mignani, Marzia Bernini, Massimo Tamiazzo, Mirko Tamiazzo, Paolo Amoretti, Stefano Tocco.

The Metaphysics of Black and White

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