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The Opposites Revealed, exhibition in Genoa

Paul Amoretti_Ilaria Berenice

On 11 March at 6 pm inaugurates the exhibition “The Opposites Revealed” by Paolo and Ilaria Berenice Amoretti, the Art Gallery Traces in Genoa, Via San Bernardo 21.The opposite revealed is a childish game that becomes art in a face that is pure androgynous  expression beyond the gender stereotypes, proving the authenticity of being free in its essence, in a seesaw of opposites that goes beyond the conflict of duality but complement themselves in their pure androgyny, together and individually. A game that is art and life at the same time, in a timeless dimension where it is not about appearing but being a total that is revealed in the power of the looks, the balance between empty and full, between heaviness and lightness, in an explosion of energy that almost looks like pop art for the color strength but in reality goes beyond any definition or label and simply becomes itself. In faces combined with instinctive sign, with the color game, where opposites play in a harmonious chaos to return to a childhood free from defined concepts and social stereotypes, childish faces which don’t have agenda but to live life. These faces are therefore the expression of a revealed androgyny, they are the total of an union of opposites that is greater than the sum of its parts, a whole that is individual essence convergent in itself and at the same time complement in its mirror. All seasoned with bubbles of potentials, which are hidden desires that turn and move on the canvas and explode in their pure manifestation of beauty, without judgment but only acceptance.

Le Tracce, Galleria d’Arte.