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The Sun Inside

The sun inside 50x50cm

The sun is often the protagonist in my paintings, especially in those of the Light and Color series. But it is a symbolic sun, an inner sun, the sun of consciousness. 

Each one in his own way emanates his own sun, essence or consciousness. We are many suns in orbit that revolve around the earth. We are many earths that revolve around the suns. The earth is reality as we perceive it with all its laws of physics, gravity, time and space. The symbolic sun, the light we emanate, goes beyond the laws of physics.

Every now and then I like to put myself in the perspective of the sun and see things from a distance, beyond the laws of physics, and see how everyone has their own perception of reality, everyone has their own universe.  The mind filters the perception and limits it, while the point of view of the sun goes beyond the mind.  Living within the limitations of the mind is like being a caged animal, it’s like living in a prison without knowing you have the keys in your pocket.

 This is also why I have always preferred to live in the midst of nature.  The most limiting years of my life are those in which I lived in the city.  Although everything is possible, but nature with its casual beauty helps to go beyond.

 Going beyond is like seeing the earth from a plane, but instead of in the plane you are at the center of yourself and your universe, with all its aspects and the earth represents the human reality in which you live, which is always present as long as you remain in this life.  Changing perspective serves to avoid being trapped by it.  And then the sun, inside.

Photo from a plane

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