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The value of Art

    The value of art does not end with the material used or the aesthetic beauty of the work, but lies in its ability to communicate a universal and impalpable message that goes beyond the simple visual aspect.

    I made this nude with black pen and yellow marker, using the sketch method, to give the drawing a sense of spontaneity and immediacy. The frame, on the other hand, is made of wood, vintage and important. The choice of the frame serves to give a contrast between the contemporaneity of the drawing and the antiquity of the frame.

    This raises a fundamental question: what is the most important element in this work, the painting or the frame? This question is closely connected with the concept of artistic value and with the way art is perceived and valued. The frame has a value in itself as a frame, while art has a value for what it transmits, therefore its value lies in something impalpable.

    The value of art cannot be defined simply by the material used, but rather depends on the ability of the work to communicate something impalpable and universal, on its ability to convey an emotion to the viewer. As Marina Abramović says:

    “Art is not only what we see, but also what we feel. It is the medium through which we can explore the complexity of life and connect with others.” 

    So the frame can help to enhance the work aesthetically, but its role is purely accessory to what the work conveys. In other words, the frame can enrich the aesthetics of the work, but the intrinsic value of art lies in its ability to excite and convey a message.

    Nude sketch in yellow

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