HeArt – The Art of the Heart: Discover Your ARTISTIC I through Creativity

HeArt - The Art of the Heart. Workshop on creativity

In the fast-paced world we live in, finding spaces to explore our creativity and intuition can seem like a luxury. But what if I told you that there is a place where your artistic expression is not only welcome, but is also the key to unlocking parts of yourself that you may never have known? This place is HeArt – The Art of the Heart, an experiential workshop that turns art into a journey of personal discovery.

Origins of Authentic Creativity: The History of HeArt

Born in 2015 in the beating heart of Milan, HeArt – The Art of the Heart was a pioneer in the art workshop scene, holding its first meetings in the Cityart gallery. With the move to Piedmont, HeArt took a reflective pause, a silent interval that allowed new ideas to germinate. Now, with renewed enthusiasm and a vision that embraces the beauty of change, HeArt is ready to resume its journey, continuing to evolve and enrich the art scene. This workshop is not just a name, but a legacy of passion and originality that continues to inspire and transform the participants’ artistic vision.

A Unique Path

HeArt is not your standard drawing and painting course. Each two-hour meeting is designed as a self-contained workshop, allowing you to participate at your own pace and interests. The nonlinearity of the course facilitates a personal and deeply intimate approach to art, making each session a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Explore Your Creativity

The goal of HeArt is to bring out the hidden creativity in each participant. Through targeted stimuli and exercises designed to push the boundaries of rationality, I help you release your ARTISTIC I. In this context, drawing and painting become more than just techniques: they become tools for getting to know yourself, exploring your uniqueness and promoting a deep understanding of your being.

From Technique to Personal Expression

During HeArt workshops, you will be guided through different drawing and painting techniques. However, the real focus of my approach is the search for your own personal artistic expression. I encourage you to be guided by instinct and intuition, embracing spontaneity and authenticity as an outer reflection of your inner self. Art thus becomes a journey of personal exploration, where technique serves only as a means of expressing your true essence.

Beyond Technique: An Inner Journey

HeArt offers an approach to art that looks at it from multiple perspectives, broadening the horizons of your expression and offering unprecedented freedom in artistic research. This course aims to awaken the latent resources in each individual by teaching you to listen, more than anything else, to yourself. Technique becomes a bridge to the pleasure of expressing one’s individuality, and the creative process comes closer to intuition than pure rationality.

An Invitation to Discovery

HeArt is more than just an art class; it is an invitation to explore the deepest aspects of your being. I think learning art techniques, is very similar to learning to drive or walk, once acquired they become second nature. It is not just about mastering the techniques, but using them as tools to expand the horizon of your creative experience.

Join Our Art Community

I invite all who wish to explore their creativity in a welcoming and stimulating environment to join us on this exploratory journey. HeArt is not just an art workshop; it is a community of individuals who share a passion for creative expression and personal research. Are you ready to discover your ARTISTIC self? Join us and transform your vision of art and yourself with HeArt – The Art of the Heart.

Your First Experience in HeArt is a Gift for You

To welcome you into the world of HeArt – The Art of the Heart, I am pleased to offer you the first class completely free of charge. This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself without commitment in an experience that could change the way you view art and, perhaps, yourself. The trial session is a unique opportunity to feel the magic of HeArt and decide if this creative journey is for you.

Flexibility and Convenience: HeArt Wherever You Are

Understanding the different needs and preferences of my participants, HeArt offers the opportunity to participate in workshops either in person or online. For those who wish to have the in-person experience, our meetings are held at the headquarters of Arte and Cuisine APS, an inspiring environment where you can feel part of a vibrant and welcoming artistic community. At the same time, to ensure accessibility and convenience, I also offer online workshops, allowing you to explore and develop your creativity from wherever you are.

Choose the mode you prefer, or alternate them according to your needs: HeArt is flexible and adapts to your lifestyle, allowing you to cultivate your passion for art in the way you see fit.

What They Say About HeArt – The Art of the Heart

The voices of those who have already participated in HeArt are my pride and inspiration. Here are some of the experiences shared by the participants that have left an imprint on my artistic journey:

Ilaria was able to lead us beyond the rational….finding ourselves our being…divine sign!!!! Hello Ilaria ti…it was beautiful your project…..I had fun!!!!

Paolo Pompei

I would define this workshop in one sentence “short but intense.” For me it was a space to express myself and learn more about technique but also about myself….

Lucia Chisciotte

This workshop incentivized me to explore different avenues, I found that my approach to painting changed in a positive way.

Pietro Frassica

I am glad to have participated in the Workshop both for the work we did and for the results obtained…. the experiences you gave us are very interesting because they showed a method to work on creativity and sign to give space to the freedom of expression that reason imprisons ..you gave us a ‘method’ and made us ‘experience’ that there is a possibility to characterize our drawings with our personality. Beautiful was the idea of hanging and leaving everyone’s work hanging so that we can see our own journey and notice the rise of a ‘character and expressiveness unique to each of us. It seems to me that we all had a good time.

Elisabetta Boldrin

In the workshop I had a lot of fun, I learned to work on the blanks, whereas before I tended to fill in everything, it’s as if the complete work was already on the paper. ilaria taught you that there is no difference between the white of the paper and the infinite white that is inside of us, and that is revolutionary, and I was bewildered.

Samuele Polacco Paolucci

The course presentation actually reflects what the course then is: a place where one’s creativity, in the most irrational sense, is able to emerge and surface. In just a few hours I learned the first fundamentals of portrait techniques (proportions of face shapes, ways of applying color) and painted faces dense with emotion and meaning. I am very glad to have participated in it.

Chiara Stringa

The course is enjoyable to attend, Ilaria has that right balance of lightness and depth, with teaching of the various techniques, perspectives and different issues of drawing, adequate to stimulate full involvement in creative work, even for those who have never picked up a pencil except for their own doodles; light in not conditioning one to draw necessarily as she does and deep in stimulating one’s creativity and expression.

Rachele Catanese

Of Ilaria’s workshop, I appreciated the atmosphere of serenity that she managed to create in a day of sharing among the participants, full of insights, individual and common, and exchange with moments of joy and fun. She succeeded in fostering a fertile space in which each of us, always with her gentle guidance and without judgment, could express ourselves freely, succeeding in overcoming inner blocks and causing expression to come out with increasing fluidity. Definitely an experience to be repeated.

Simona Marcimino

A course that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Daniela Sbraletta

This course gave me the feeling of being empowered to subvert the rules of art that have been my block all these years. Thank you for a beautiful and enlightening day.

Barbara Zordan

In other painting classes I was bored or the others were too far ahead or there was a lot of technique. This is the first time I feel gratified, capable and satisfied. Thanks to Ilaria who teaches in a very creative, playful and also meditative way. The mind is freed from patterns and judgments, and an atmosphere of serenity and self-confidence is created. THANK YOU.

Lucia Benetti

Get in Touch and Start Your Creative Journey with HeArt

Are you curious to find out where HeArt can take you? Do you want to express yourself in a way you never thought was possible? Contact me to learn more or to register for your first free workshop. Fill out the form below and join the HeArt community, where art meets soul. Whether you are trying to unlock your artistic potential or simply wish to explore new forms of expression, I would love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to register for the next workshop or to request more information. It is the first step toward your personal journey in art and self-discovery.

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