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Look at my portfolio, on which page each image corresponds to a different category of works. Even though there is often no defined line that divides them, not even by dates, I still divided the works according to the styles and techniques. Portfolio


Creative Flow

My expression increasingly combines writing with painting. Visual art as drawing or painting or whatever, expresses what words cannot convey and vice versa words deepen what the visual expression is transmitting.

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Life 76 x 100 cmMy Story

I like to tell my story from different perspectives. And with each new perspective it becomes a new story. Although I always express the truth, which is not absolute, but an authentic expression that evolves and changes with the expansion of consciousness.

My Story


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Quarantine Reflection 1- digital art

Quarantine Reflection 1

This is one of the two digital works, that have become two NFTs, I made during the quarantine period in Thailand and represent the reflection. My NFTs are not just digital works but are expressions of my reflections and experiences, in the visual and in the writing. Read more

Flying in times of Pandemic - digital art

Flying in times of Pandemic

Since last year, in spring 2020, I had to cancel my trip to the States, and precisely to Hawaii, and postpone it to the following year, this year didn’t give up. Read more

Rebirthing in Thailand - digital art

Rebirthing in Thailand

After 10 days of quarantine in Thailand, I finally got to go to the beach, and took a picture of a beautiful palm tree which I transformed Read more

Every person has gold inside 122 x 122 cm

Faces of the World

I feel so glad and grateful that Gold Art Group is now representing me with NFTs they created from some of my series. Read more

Sold - Oil painting portrait

Portrait on commission

These days I have finished a portrait that a client has commissioned me by providing me with the photo of his daughter on horseback. Read more

Gold Art Group NFTs

Every person has gold inside 122 x 122 cm


Gold Art Group is representing me for some NFTs they created from some of my paintings they selected for their collections.

Gold Art Group entitled the collection of NFTs created from my paintings Faces of the world:

Faces of the world

The NFTs are sold by Gold Art Group on Opensea:






When you buy my paintings here, at checkout you can pay by card or cryptocurrencies, from wallet to wallet, no intermediary. You can also buy my paintings on Saatchi. If you support me on Patreon, in addition to receiving a work of your choice per year, you also get an additional discount in my shop.

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Benefits for Supporters

All new supporters on Patreon immediately receive a hand-painted postcard signed on the back. From the gratitude level (€3)

Supporters have:

  • Immediately and once a year ​a hand painted card
  • Access to Patreon only posts and early access to my creative flow.
  • one artwork per year of choice of different size depending on the level
  • Additional discount in the shop on my website.
  • free NFT of choice every month on opensea that can be traded

​And of course my eternal gratitude