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Drawing From simple shapes

Pencil drawing from life is very important in increase your skill of both drawing and painting.  My latest video is now public, this time about drawing , simply. I just love to practice various techniques improving my skills and make my creativity flow easier. And I’m making videos while practicing, to share and may be inspire who want to experiment and improve the different techniques , so to make the creative flow easier.

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Creative Flow

24 Blue transmutation 20x30cm

Blue Transmutation series

The works of this series which I renewed and completed this month don’t have a specific date because I often start the works and leave them there, then I return and renew them. Read more

1 Blue Transmutation 20x30cm

A story of integration

Sometimes I take objects that are close to my heart and glue them into paintings to make them immortal. The concretization of immortality is leaving your sign with what you create. Read more Read more


When I lived in Brazil I enjoyed recycling all that I had available, fabrics, bark, Read more

Gift for supporters

I gift signed limited edition photographic prints to supporters on my new page on patreon, Read more

Spade 18 x24 cm

Painting with fingers

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Charcoal faces on simple paper

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