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Artist Notebook

I thought of making this video also thanks to all the people who said that reading my story inspired them to paint or do something creative. So I thought, why not share something on a practical level? Many people look for motivation in creativity and  to create their own style. For writing it was very useful for me to keep a journal, in painting it can be very useful to keep a pictorial journal. More than a diary, it should be like a collector of ideas, inspirations or intuitions,  ideas for new paintings but it could be anything. Sometimes inspirations or ideas come as quickly as they go and then it is very useful to ground them in some way, writing or drawing or making collage or taking a photo, whatever. So in this video I make my own journal, the measures are all taken by eye, but so much is only for me! Hope you enjoy my first video tutorial.


Television in the desert 40x50 cm

My story through painting



Here continues my story through painting. In this article I tell about my relation with food, my alienation, at school when I was a child, and the summer in which I made this this three-dimensional painting.



Read more



Television in the desert 40x50 cm

Television in the desert

I post this painting mostly for the period I was going through when I made Read more

Chamaleon 40x50

Collage and Painting

Here the story continues with the series collage and painting. Once I came back to Read more

Life 76 x 100 cm

Life in Fortaleza

So I continue to tell my story through painting or tell the stages of my Read more

Tai Chi 1996

The story of my painting

I would like to tell the story of my painting through its phases, for me Read more

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In portraits, I give importance  mainly to the resemblance to the subject, although it remains also my instinct and personal expression. I therefore look for the particular expression of the soul in the subject to be portrayed, especially that expression of the eyes that makes a person be recognized regardless of the details. Read more

Abstract Faces

In abstract faces the similarity loses importance, the face is there but it is pure personal expression with almost no reference. I say almost because I often take inspiration from my face, or faces that I see around, live or from pictures. In this case the faces I see, only give me an idea, an inspiration from which I can indulge myself without being tied to the visual of the subject.Abstract Faces


No Identity

Here  the face, or the identity begins to fade away, if it doesn’t disappear completely, but one continues to perceive a certain degree of personality or soul behind that now disfigured face, so so we can talk about a transfiguration. See more


Animals Paintings

I love to explore expression that is human or animal, playing among abstract and figurative, mixing color and techniques, among instinct and experimentation, letting my inner self to express in any way as possible. Animals Paintings


Abstract Paintings

Examples of artworks from different periods, different inspirations and techniques See more