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Look at my portfolio, on which page each image corresponds to a different category of works. Even though there is often no defined line that divides them, not even by dates, I still divided the works according to the styles and techniques. Portfolio


Birds for supporters

Bird suspended in flight


I am renovating all my bird paintings in a slightly larger format than a postcard.

And also wrote about birds, inspired by them and my paintings, as in the post Birds.

In this regard, I have started a new campaign on Patreon for which I immediately ship to all supporters old and new a painted postcard with a note and signature on the back.

This applies to all levels starting from 3 euros per month, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

For higher levels, in addition to early access to my creative flow and additional discount in my shop, there are other benefits included, such as one  artwork per year, bigger discounts in my shop, digital works in the form of NFT, and an online workshop streaming per month of your choice.  

Recent Posts

Snowy owl

Birds cards

Birds painted signed cards for everyone! Every bird is unique and comes with a inspired note from my creative writing and signature. Read more

Bird painted card


Together with lions and elephants, birds are among the animals I have most painted. Each animal is a symbol and its interpretation is always personal, a reflection of what is perceived, reality is therefore a perception that acts as a mirror. Read more

The sun inside 50x50cm

The Sun Inside

The sun is often the protagonist in my paintings, especially in those of the Light and Color series. Read more

Abstract face 25 x 33 cm

How is my creative flow going

With this post I want to share my creative flow in these days, how it is progressing. Going for points. Read more

Kaos - Digital Art


This digital work representing chaos is deliberately blurred. First of all, every chaos has its own order, but it is not a logical and rational order Read more


Creative Flow

My expression increasingly combines writing with painting. Visual art as drawing or painting or whatever, expresses what words cannot convey and vice versa words deepen what the visual expression is transmitting.

See the posts in Creative flow

Life 76 x 100 cmMy Story

I like to tell my story from different perspectives. And with each new perspective it becomes a new story. Although I always express the truth, which is not absolute, but an authentic expression that evolves and changes with the expansion of consciousness.

My Story



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