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Financial sovereignty


Here is the article in which I tell about my approach to cryptocurrencies and how I decided to give the possibility to buy my paintings with them. I began to get interested in cryptocurrencies, or digital money, when I heard from a dear friend (Adamus) that they are the currency of the future, so I began to inquire and read articles about it. Read more


Light from inside 50x70cm

My story through painting



I am writing a series of articles, which gradually publish them on the website, on my story through painting. So taking inspiration from my paintings I tell a little more about myself. Each article is a different story, capturing different aspects of my life.



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Sovereign Lion 80x100cm

Sovereign Lion

I recently returned to this painting, still working on the face and particularly the eyes Read more


Financial sovereignty

I began to get interested in cryptocurrencies, or digital money, when I heard from a Read more

Light from inside 50x70cm

Light and Color

My Story through painting. The paintings of the Light and Color series are a natural Read more

I'm arriving in fuchsia 70x70cm


Here I present another series of animals that I have painted over the years, the Read more

Artist Notebook

I thought of making this video also thanks to all the people who said that reading my story inspired them to paint or do something creative. So I thought, why not share something on a practical level? Many people look for motivation in creativity and  to create their own style. For writing it was very useful for me to keep a journal, in painting it can be very useful to keep a pictorial journal. More than a diary, it should be like a collector of ideas, inspirations or intuitions,  ideas for new paintings but it could be anything. Sometimes inspirations or ideas come as quickly as they go and then it is very useful to ground them in some way, writing or drawing or making collage or taking a photo, whatever. So in this video I make my own journal, the measures are all taken by eye, but so much is only for me! Hope you enjoy my first video tutorial.


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