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Turtle 40x50cm



Ilaria Berenice - Porto di Genova


I am an Italian artist with extensive experience in painting and portraiture. My skill in using color and creating both realistic and abstract portraits captures the essence and personality of my subjects. My art is a perfect combination of technique and creativity, which makes it one of a kind.

In my portfolio I present a wide range of works, including portraits, imaginary landscapes and abstract paintings. I also offer commissioned painting services and course of painting and drawing alive and online for beginners and experts.

Visit my website to find out more about my art and services and don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or a custom commission.


In 2022 I exhibited my works in the anthological exhibition on the face “Souls in Abstraction” at Forte di Gavi, AL together with my partner Paolo Amoretti, organized by Arte and Cuisine aps, in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Museums Piedmont, the Directorate of the Forte of Gavi and the Patronage of the Municipality of Gavi.
In May-June 2023 I will exhibit my photographs at the Forte di Gavi, in the collective photographic exhibition “The Metaphysics of Black and White”.

Forte di Gavi, AL
Ilaria Berenice red scarf

Creative Flow

Welcome to my Creative Flow where you will find a series of articles dedicated to creativity and inspiration. Here I publish my latest works and share my creative process with you, giving an idea of how I take an idea and transform it into a complete project. It’s also about my news and stories. Follow me to stay updated and to get a behind the scenes look at my creative life. I hope my blog can inspire you and make you think about your own creative flow.


I created a podcast for the Arte and Cuisine aps association entitled Stories and Characters. In each episode I interview a different character, they are characters of different professions and backgrounds, with fascinating life stories. Through their voices and experiences, we explore the challenges, successes, and lessons learned along life’s journey. These guests take us on an exciting journey to discover their inner world and their passions. We all have stories to tell, and everyone is the sum of their stories.

Podcast Storie e Personaggi

Ilaria Berenice

“Art is Life and Life is Art”