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Transfiguration 8 25x33cm


A vision of the human face as a symbol of something deeper that goes beyond appearances.

Singing 25x33cm

Ink Faces

 Using ink allows me to create works that are both simple and very expressive, without the distraction of color.

Portrait with ink

Realistic Portraits

These are portraits focused on details as well as on the resemblance to the subject, carefully crafted to bring out the best in each subject. 

Human Angel 50x70cm

Decollage and Painting

In this series, I explore my own self-expression and journey through an alchemical exploration of the creative process.

Social portrait 25x33cm

Abstract Faces

In abstract representations of faces, resemblance becomes secondary, without being bound by the detailed representation of the subject.

Into the light 40x50cm

Light and Color

The “Light and Color” series is a continuous exploration of abstract painting that puts light and color in the foreground. 

Paco 25x33cm


I love to explore both human and animal expression in my paintings, creating a balance between abstraction and figurality. 

Abrstract fun 50x65cm

Liquid Art

My series of Stains or Liquid Art, is a journey through the beauty of the unexpected. Water has a memory, it reflects energies in the form

Lively plant 80x80cm


Visionaries are imaginary landscapes where I express my creativity through the art of painting.

Heart space 35x50cm

Collage and Painting

The “Collage and Painting” series is a unique expression that originated from my activity in visual art in Brazil,

detail of the Fort of Gavi

Details revealed

This project is a series of photographs that explore the beauty and importance of details that often go unnoticed.

Unexpected prospects

In these black and white photographs I used perspectives made of lines that create a certain visual effect. 

Wanda at the bar

Photographic portraits

For me the photographic portrait must express the authenticity of the person to the maximum, for this reason I avoid the pose

Sun and flowers

Essential beauty

This series of black and white photographs takes us on a journey through the beauty and complexity of nature.

Ilaria Berenice

“Art is Life and Life is Art”