Quechua Woman

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This painting depicts a Quechua woman from Peru, featuring a large blue hat and a multicolored background that expresses the vibrancy of her culture. The work, part of the “Faces of Femininity” series, reflects my interest in anthropology and cultural diversity, combining cool and warm colors to evoke the complexity of the cultural identity of the woman portrayed.

Original work, unique piece. Size: 100 x 100 x 2 cm. Mixed media on canvas. Ready to hang, signed on the back and with certificate of authenticity. Shipped in a crate.

This painting, part of the Faces of Femininity series, depicts the face of a Quechua woman from Peru, with nuances and expressive details that capture the essence of her culture. The woman is depicted wearing a broad blue hat that stands out against a multicolored, vibrant, and nuanced background representing the variety and vibrancy of Peruvian culture. The woman’s face is outlined with soft but firm lines, highlighting the distinctive features of her ethnicity. The use of cool colors for her face contrasts with the warmth of the background, creating a visual balance that reflects the depth and complexity of her cultural identity. For this series I am inspired by a deep interest in anthropology and cultural diversity; I have had direct experiences with various cultures around the world, enriching my art with an authentic understanding of the people I portray.

This work is exhibited at Capriccio Art Hotel in Serravalle Scrivia, AL.

Weight8 kg
Dimensions100 × 2 × 100 cm


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