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The painting portrays the marked and profound face of an elderly Asian woman, dominant in the white canvas, exploring meditative introspection with her distant gaze. The contrast between the charcoal lines and the acrylic accents illuminates the composition, with the red earrings livening up the scene.

Original work, unique piece. Mixed media on canvas. Size 100 x 100 x 2 cm. Signed on the back, ready to hang and with certificate of authenticity. Shipped in a crate.

The painting represents a large face of an elderly Asian woman, drawn in charcoal on a white canvas. The face is the absolute protagonist of the painting, and it looks into the distance with a thoughtful and meditative expression, but at the same time it looks inside, seeking answers within itself.

The charcoal lines combined at times with acrylic creates a contrast between the parts of the face, which emerges from the canvas like a living entity. However, what really stands out in the composition are the two large red earrings that adorn one of the woman’s ears. These earrings are very detailed and vibrant, and light up the woman’s face with their vibrancy.

The painting is part of the Faces of Femininity series, a collection of paintings that celebrate femininity across cultures around the world. This painting in particular is a tribute to the wisdom and beauty of older women, in this case Asian, who embody the experience and depth of human existence.

This work is exhibited at Capriccio Art Hotel in Serravalle Scrivia, AL.

Weight7 kg
Dimensions100 × 2 × 100 cm


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