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In this work, the intensity of a Dogon woman’s gaze is accentuated by symbolic face painting with the use of mark-making through pastels and traditional ornamentation made of collage. The bold lines and contrasts of techniques, collage, paint, sand and pastels, emphasize its commanding presence.

Original work, unique piece. Size: 70 x 80 x 2 cm. Mixed media on canvas. Ready to hang, signed on the back and with certificate of authenticity.

For the face of this painting, I used pastels to give strength to the mark, with pronounced strokes and bright colors that create an intense contrast with the dark background.

I made a beaded collage for tribal clothing that encircles the neck and goes down the woman’s chest. This element serves to give attention to cultural details and a tribute to the value of craftsmanship in tribal cultures.

The use of the mixed technique of oil painting and pastel drawing adds different textures and depth to the work, creating a dynamic interplay of materials. Oil can give shine and intensity to colors while pastels can add softness and shading. The beads, then, add a three-dimensional element that breaks the two-dimensionality typical of painting and drawing, giving life and tangibility to the woman depicted.

With this portrait, I wanted to convey a strong sense of individuality and a reminder of the beauty of tribal cultures, celebrating their uniqueness and intrinsic connection to the natural environment. I also wanted to create a sense of strength and dignity emanating from the portrait, which is intended to represent the spirit of all cultures living in harmony with the natural world.

This work is exhibited at Capriccio Art Hotel in Serravalle Scrivia, AL.

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Dimensions70 × 2 × 80 cm


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