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Abstract Faces

Empathy and detachment

Social portrait 25x33cm

In abstract representations of faces, resemblance becomes secondary. The face is present, but mostly represents personal expression, with few references to the original subject. However, I am often inspired by my somatic features or by the faces I see in everyday life or in photographs. In these cases, the faces I see only give me an idea, an inspiration from which I can let go freely, without being bound by the detailed representation of the subject. I love exploring different techniques and tools to create unique and authentic signs, maintaining the freshness and spontaneity of the creative process.  In my works, I express the empathy that I have within me, and through the other, show the infinite aspects that are present in me, reflecting human universality. 

Other projects

Dog in the sun 80x80cm
Wolfes 40 x 60 cm
Ilaria Berenice

“Art is Life and Life is Art”