Geometric Silence

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Geometric Silence depicts an elephant, a symbol of abundance and unconditional love, set against abstract, geometric shapes, which together create a visual dialogue between the concreteness of nature and the intangible of emotion and feeling.

Original work, unique piece. Size: 50 x 70 x 2 cm. Oil painting on canvas. Ready to hang, with gray wooden frame. Signed on the back and with certificate of authenticity.

Geometric Silence, a painting I did with layered oil paint, depicts an elephant portrayed in a way that captures both its majesty and a sense of tranquility. The animal is at the center of the composition, with a commanding but peaceful presence. The texture is rich and layered, with the use of painterly techniques adding visual depth to the work.

In the background, there is a distinct presence of geometric and abstract shapes. These forms create a contrast with the naturalistic figure of the elephant, which I added in a second layer, giving the painting a dynamic dimension between realism and abstraction. The colors used in the abstract shapes are vibrant and create a frame that highlights the elephant figure.

This interaction between the abstract and figurative elements symbolizes the connection between the concrete world and the spiritual or emotional world.

The elephant is portrayed in a range of warm tones that suggest sunlight illuminating its figure, a sunset or warm late-day light. This evokes feelings of peace and contemplation.

The elephant can represent abundance, but also unconditional love and inner peace, painting or drawing an elephant connects me to these qualities and more, in this way the viewer of the paintings also connects with those qualities. The use of oil paint allows for finely shaded details and textures.

This painting is a layered work that mixes abstraction with realism to create a visual narrative that invites reflection while celebrating qualities such as abundance and unconditional love, which in many cultures are symbolically represented by the elephant.

This work is exhibited at Capriccio Art Hotel in Serravalle Scrivia, AL.

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Dimensions70 × 3 × 50 cm


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