Red Lion

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This work, Red Lion, although it has already been sold and is currently in the United States, continues to live on and inspire through the availability of high-quality prints. Art admirers who wish to bring this powerful representation of courage and freedom into their home or office can do so by purchasing the prints through Saatchi Art, a renowned platform for selling contemporary art. This allows to enjoy the beauty and symbolic power of my Red Lion, sharing my vision of a wilderness.


In this work, Red Lion, I bring a lion to life through a fusion of liquid colors, inks, acrylics and enamels. The king of the jungle materializes in a palette of bright colors that burn with the intensity of the sun, evoking warmth, energy and passion. The spreading hues and impressionistic touches create a texture that seems palpable, emphasizing the wild and untamable essence of the lion.

The subject of the painting, with his piercing and proud gaze, peers beyond the canvas, capturing the viewer in a moment of silent communication. The powerful symbolism of the lion is employed here as an alchemical quote, alluding to the courage and freedom of being in its wildest and purest nature.

The lion’s expression, centered in the image, becomes the focus through which the symbolism of courage and freedom is intensified, inviting the viewer to reflect on the deeper meaning of life within the natural environment. The painting is a tribute to the inherent beauty of wilderness, as well as a reminder of our eternal quest to connect with the natural world.

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