I love to explore both human and animal expression in my paintings, in animal paintings I seek a balance between abstraction and realism. My passion for nature and animals led me to focus on representing their unique beauty and personality, through the use of bright colors and experimenting with different techniques. The fusion of abstract elements and realistic details is how I let my inner inspiration manifest freely, transforming each work into a journey through my imagination and my interpretation of the incredible beauty of the animal world.
I believe that animals offer a less complicated canvas for personality than humans, for while all creatures are essentially pure at their core, it is the layers that make humans complex. And there is a particular charm in capturing and immortalizing those characteristic expressions that distinguish animals, with their simplicity.
In particular, wild animals are fascinating for the symbols they represent such as the connection with nature, freedom, courage, abundance, etc., a symbolism known and similar in many cultures. My art aims to touch these chords, bringing the viewer not only an image to admire but a fragment of a larger world, a bridge between the inside and the outside.

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