Flows of Consciousness

Flows of Consciousness is series of abstract works is a journey through the beauty of the unpredictable and the spontaneity of fluid art. With liquid colors, every move is a challenge, every expectation is exceeded and every result is unique. Water has a memory, it records energies and reflects them in form. The random factor plays an important role, simultaneously offering excitement and patience while waiting, freeing me from any expectations. My art is the expectation of the sudden, the beauty of the unexpected.
Each work in this series is an exploration of fluidity and movement, where vibrant colors and indeterminate shapes meet in wordless dialogue.
Cosmic landscapes where chaos finds harmony, portraits of the ever-changing universe, explosions of color dancing between shapes, reflecting a natural world that is both wild and wonderfully chaotic.
These works are representations of how our essence can emerge through moments of fluidity and apparent disorder, revealing our true form through the dynamic interaction of energies around us, continuous rebirth and development through the flow of life. These paintings are not only works of art, but also witnesses of a creative process in which water and color combine to overcome the traditional limits of painting. The random element introduced by the use of liquids and their unpredictable interaction with other materials reflect a constant and changing dialogue with the surrounding environment.
On this journey through colors and shapes, I am not just an artist but a medium through which natural energy finds visual expression, showing how beauty can emerge in the most unexpected and surprising circumstances.

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