Abstract Faces

In this series of abstract faces, I transform portraits into vehicles for artistic exploration, detaching myself from the need for realism and detail. Often the line between drawing and painting is very thin, especially because I use a mixed technique and give a lot of importance to the sign. In abstract representations of faces, resemblance becomes secondary. The face is present, but mostly represents a personal expression, with little reference to the original subject.
The source of inspiration may come from my features or from faces encountered in everyday life or immortalized in photographs, but they serve only as a starting point for a free creative process, not bound by accurate reproduction.
My artistic research moves through the exploration of different techniques and tools, maintaining the freshness and spontaneity of the creative process. With distinctive and genuine traits that allow me to express the empathy that resides in the depths of my being, through these faces I aspire to reflect the multifaceted and universal aspects of human existence, leveraging art’s ability to evoke emotional sharing and mutual understanding.

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