Collage and Painting

The Collage and Painting series is an artistic journey that comes to life among the bright colors and rich textures of Brazil, and then finds a new evolution in Italy. My adventure in the world of art began completely spontaneously, during the period I lived in Brazil, where I discovered the joy of expressing my creativity through collage. Playing with recycled materials, cut fabrics and found objects, I began to create unique paintings on unusual supports such as cardboard and bark, using scissors as if they were my brush.
The turning point manifested itself in the last painting made in Brazil, on a large wooden panel found by chance, where for the first time I integrated the oil colors with the collage. This fusion of techniques marked the beginning of a new chapter in my artistic expression, which I continued to explore and develop once I returned to Italy.
The Collage and Painting series represents an ongoing dialogue between my inner self and the universe, a symbolic and cosmic exploration that translates into visual poetry. I let shapes and symbols emerge spontaneously in the creative process, guided by instinct. Each work is a journey through the flow of existence, a visual transcription of the vibrations and energies I perceive.
Through this series, I invite the visitor to immerse themselves in a world where matter and spirit meet, where the visible and the invisible dance together in an eternal embrace. Collage and Painting is more than a simple fusion of techniques; it is an expression of the soul that connects with the observer, that transmits a message that goes beyond words. My search through the symbol is that of the meaning of existence. The series is still evolving and expanding.
I wish you an inspirational journey through these works, hoping that you can feel the same joy and wonder that I feel in creating them.

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