Walking in the Light

In this series of works, I explore the very essence of energy, not only as a physical phenomenon, but as an entity that pulsates, lives, and manifests itself through light and colors.
With an instinctive pictorial technique I create works that express light and its emanation metaphorically represented by the sun and its rays. Then integrating stylized human figures in movement, immersed in a bright, colorful and vibrant world whose flow they follow. Walking is a metaphor for this movement in the interaction between the human being and energy.
These paintings are not simply static representations; they are dynamic kaleidoscopes of emotions and movements, where stylized human figures are not just witnesses but active participants, dancing and interacting with the flow and movement of energy.
Each work is accompanied by a poem that I created specifically for each painting. These poems are not just comments or descriptions of the paintings; they are echoes, answers, and sometimes questions that emerge from the encounter between the visual and the verbal. Together, art and poetry invite the observer on a sensory and emotional journey, where colors, shapes, words and meanings intertwine to create a total artistic experience.
The authenticity of my works is given by the fact that they emerge from my interiority which is expressed externally through instinct.

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