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This work is a tiger portrait created with a mixed technique of enamels, inks and pastels that captures the wildness and majesty of the subject through free brushstrokes and a bold use of colour. The dynamic composition and intense expression of the animal convey strength and depth, inviting reflection on the conservation of wild life.

Original work, unique piece. Size: 50 x 65 x 3 cm. Mixed media on paper lined on wood. Ready to hang, signed on the back and with certificate of authenticity.

This work is a vivid and expressive portrait of a tiger, which I created with a mixed media combining enamels, inks and pastels. The painting’s distinctive feature is its rich and varied texture, which gives an almost three-dimensional feel to the image. The predominant colors are shades of grey, white and black, enriched with touches of yellow and green that add liveliness and depth. The brushstrokes are free and spontaneous, creating an effect of movement and wildness that captures the essence of the feline subject.

I represented the tiger with an intense, almost thoughtful expression, which conveys a sense of strength and majesty. The eyes are particularly expressive, almost magnetic, making the animal’s gaze engaging. I managed the light and shadow areas to accentuate the muscular contours and facial features of the tiger, which emerge powerfully from the abstract and colorful background.

Overall, the painting is a work of art that explores the beauty and ferocity of nature through innovative use of materials and modern impressionist technique. This artistic depiction of the tiger invites viewers to reflect on wild life and its conservation, highlighting the majesty and vulnerability of these magnificent predators.

This work is exhibited at Capriccio Art Hotel in Serravalle Scrivia, AL.

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Dimensions65 × 3 × 50 cm


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